Wonderful grows and retains its audience thanks to the Qualifio – EXTRADIGITAL . platform

  • 407 campaigns and nearly 1.63 million engagements in the past two years ensured the company’s unstoppable rise.

Social networks are undoubtedly the most successful channels of dissemination and dissemination Mr. Fabulous. After the campaign with QualivioThe Catalan company announced a 50% increase in participation and traffic. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and TikTok allowed Mr. Wonderful to bring together a community made up of 2 million followers And excited about their positivity. SaaS . platform QualivioEurope’s leading data collection and interactive marketing company, has enabled Mr. Fabulous Get to know your audience better and launch new digital marketing plans that focus on interactive content, games, and contests.

Mr. Wonderful started in 2011 as an online store designed and created Javier Arrasel s Angie Kabal, two Catalan graphic designers who were at the time planning their wedding. Today it is a multinational company with more than 120 workers, whose products have gone beyond our borders and reached countless stores and stores in countries like Italy, France, Portugal, Greece, Germany, United Kingdom also United States of America. Their attractive designs and positive slogans have become so popular that it is not easy to find someone who is not familiar with them. Mugs, notes, candles and notebooks from Mr. Wonderful all over the place. Nearly 4000 points of sale and approved by more than 50 physical stores.

Over the past two years, Wonderful has developed 407 campaigns and added more than 1.5 million posts, as well as 386,453 new contacts in his database. “When we launch an action with Qualifio, we immediately see the impact on our traffic, which has increased by up to 50%.”has announced Oriol Restol EspinosaResponsible for Digital Marketing for Mr. Fantastic. “The future is in segmentation and personal communication.”

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