Orkney Islands are considering leaving the United Kingdom and joining Norway

The Orkney Islands, an iconic archipelago north-east of Scotland, are weighing ways to leave the UK, perhaps becoming an autonomous province of Norway instead.

The desire for independence strikes Britain On all fronts. Since the UK narrowly voted for Brexit in 2016, Scotland has struggled to replicate the 2014 referendum, in which residents chose to remain in the union.

Now a new struggle for independence is brewing within the Scottish lands. If successful, it could lead to an unlikely alliance of the inhabitants of the outlying Orkney Islands. Based on new proposals submitted by the local council, Orkney Islands will explore ‘alternative forms of government’which includes changing their legal status within Britain, as they seek to provide more economic opportunities for the islanders.

Orkney Islands An archipelago located about 10 miles off the northern coast of Scotland. It consists of 70 islands, with a population of 22,000 people. Orkney Council’s eagerness to seek “alternative methods of government” may have been the result of their frustration with central government: Conservative failuresAfter 13 years of austerity and a lack of leadership demonstrated by the last four prime ministers, sentiment is spreading across the UK.

vital resources

One of the possible options will be under consideration Utilize energy production capabilities in the archipelago. This includes an oil terminal on Flotta Island and other renewable resources. Good management, these resources can achieve un greater economic independenceAccording to the Chairman of the Council, James Stockanwho submitted the proposal.

In addition, the islands are home to some of the oldest and best preserved Neolithic sites in Europe, as well as stunning landscapes and a wealth of marine animals and birds.

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Talking to BBC Radio ScotlandAnd stockan He explained that there had never been a comprehensive analysis of Orkney’s contributions to the UK economy, and so the islands were “failed miserably” by both the UK and Scottish governments, and free from fair funding.

“We know we have contributed over the past 40 years through North Sea oilAnd the revenue we get is not enough to support us. We have a unique opportunity at the heart of all the wind projects taking place near our waters.” stockan.

Under the UK’s decentralized system of government, Orcadas, which is one of 32 council areas in Scotland, receives earmarked funds from the Scottish government.

Norwegian option

A dispute over funding for new ferries between the islands and Scotland has brought Orkney to a head, and may be the last straw. Orkneys are looking 100 million pounds financing to try to replace its fleet of aging ships that continue to carry goods and people to and from mainland Scotland.

This North Sea archipelago was under the control of Norway and Denmark until 1472, when it was ceded to Scotland along with the Shetland Islands. For this reason, another option the council is discussing is Securing the ‘Northern Connection’ with Denmark, Norway or Icelandor create a dependency structure for the Crown like Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man, according to Stokan.

“We were part of the Kingdom of the North Much longer than the UK. On the streets of Orkney, people come up to me and ask when we’ll be back in Norway. There is a great affinity and a deep cultural relationship. This is exactly the time to consider the possibilities.” stockan.

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But government Rishi Sunak Unwilling to get rid of these little Scottish islands. Through a statement, a spokesperson for No. 10 Downing Street said they were making a budget £2.2 billion to settle communities in the UKincluding £50 million to support the economies of the Scottish Isles, including the Orkney Islands.

“We will always be stronger together, as one United Kingdom, and we have no plans to change the power transfer agreement,” the statement added.

Council members will discuss the proposal on Tuesday. If passed, it would only mark the first stage in the long and contentious talks between the UK and Scottish governments. The situation comes amid a broader debate On the transition of power in the United Kingdomwith other cities and counties, incl Manchester and Cornwalland secure agreements for greater autonomy and autonomy.

The Orkney Islands Council previously voted in 2017 to give the islands a “louder voice”, despite not being in favor of full independence.

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