Can I make changes or corrections to my green card?

A green card is a very important document in the United States. This card allows its holders to live and work permanently in the northern country.However, according to each person’s individual circumstances, the steps to follow to request this card will depend.

There is also the case of those who received their green card with an error, let’s say a typo when issuing their notification or document.

For this reason, USCIS indicates that if this is the case, the application for service can be submitted. USCIS also states that no fee will be paid if the correction request is due to an error on their part.

In other words, if someone needs to make any corrections or changes to their green card, they must send the following documents to USCIS.

The first thing is the Form I-90, as well as the permanent resident card that contains the error in question. Likewise, they must provide supporting documents to show what the correct information should be.

Also, they can apply online. On the other hand, they can refer to the “Where to file your application” section of the Form I-90 web page. This would be in the event that they would like information about the postal address if they submitted the application in paper form.

What must they do to amend any information on the green card?

According to USCIS, if a person has recently changed their name, gender, or both, they may want to update their document to reflect those changes.

In this case, you can update your information at the time of your interview with USCIS. However, if they have already received the document issued by USCIS, they must submit the following information.

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First, Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card. They will also need to present payment of the applicable fee and permanent resident card with the incorrect information. In the same way, they will provide supporting documents to show the correct information and online application.

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