The UK notes Ukrainian advances to the north and south of Bakhmut amid Russian logistical problems

Madrid, July 8 (European Press) –

British military intelligence estimates that Ukrainian forces have made “continued progress” around the eastern city of Bakhmut, which has again been the scene of heavy fighting.

According to the latest British Ministry of Defense balance sheet, Bakhmut has once again been the scene over the past seven days of some of the “heaviest hostilities along the front” after the relative calm that lasted last month.

British intelligence expects problems for the Russian forces in the city. “They are most likely in trouble right now because morale is low, they are mixing different units and their ability to find and attack Ukrainian artillery firing at them is limited,” according to the Defense Department assessment posted on its website. Twitter account on Saturday.

However, London understands that the Kremlin considers Bakhmut’s expulsion “politically unacceptable”, given the “symbolic weight” it represents because it is one of the few scenarios for Russia’s victory in the past year, hence his massive resistance to surrender.

However, the Ministry of Defense understands that Russia does not have much room to maneuver moving forward because it is very likely that there are few additional reserves of forces that can be deployed in this sector.

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