Opening the door for admission to the Bachelor’s degree in Sharia Sciences

New educational offer from the Autonomous University of Zacatecas

Zacatecas, Zak.- As part of the social significance of the Autonomous University of Zacatecas (UAZ), an institution concerned with the culture of peace and security, it offers a Bachelor’s degree in Forensic Sciences, a profession that comes to support and solve problems part of the need of society for the environment in which it currently lives, a problem that requires Quick and immediate justice based on a documented investigation.

The person responsible for the Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Sciences, Ana Karen Gonzalez Alvarez, announced that the call for admission to this new profession is open, until July 12 of this year, to be able to evaluate applicants on August 3. .

The university official warned that “there is a capacity of up to 70 students who can enroll in this degree, as it has a specialized teaching staff, most of whom are forensic professionals in various specializations.”

Regarding the study plan, Gonzalez Alvarez confirmed that it consists of nine semesters and has the possibility for students in the final semesters to focus on one of the three final tracks of the degree, which are: criminology, molecular genetics, engineering and technology.

For her part, Rosa Maria Muñoz Briones, responsible for the Forensic Sciences Laboratory in the Academic Law Unit (UAD), indicated that field criminology is essential for practicing the profession of a forensic graduate. That’s why applicants are expected to know how to use new technologies to obtain indisputable scientific evidence such as expert evidence, added the degree tutor.


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When using her voice, the teacher of this degree, Alejandra Álvarez Córdoba, highlighted that it is an interdisciplinary degree, a characteristic that allows it to be a profession nourished by several disciplines such as: health sciences, humanities, engineering, social sciences, and management. And accounting.

“This last area is what I will focus on, as I have a profile as an accountant, especially in cases of commercial crimes, government crimes and economic financial crimes, as well as accounting and forensic management in the private and public fields,” he concluded. Expert in documentoscopy, graphoscopy and graphology.

In this sense, teacher Eduardo Murillo López, when referring to his field of study of forensic medicine and molecular genetics, noted that students will be provided with tools that allow them to interpret opinions or results derived from the scientific research they support. To determine human identity to provide evidence of crimes to those responsible for the exercise of justice.

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