Online Options for the Digital Entrepreneur

There are a lot of options opening up thanks to the ever-evolving nature of the internet. If you’re looking for a new venture, you might want to take a look at these options and see if you can make something of yourself with them.


The idea of eSports has had a long struggle to gain relevancy, but it is getting there slowly but surely. In fact, it is starting to surpass streamers as the way to watch gaming. Where streamers do it for entertainment, eSports fans compete.

And with popularity comes money. There are lots of investors, like Tej Kohli, Chris Fralic and David Carrico who are moving the industry forward investing in eSports, whether that’s through marketing, by building their own teams, developing games, or hosting their own tournaments.

Meanwhile, stadiums are being filled with fans, players are being transported around the world, and even betting apps are adding an extra category for eSports beside their football and tennis betting, so is the popularity of this industry.

And speaking of betting…


Online gambling has been given a boost in recent years. Over the past couple of years, various countries that are notoriously against the idea of gambling in general, have written up new legislation to allow online gambling. This list includes South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya, but also the Netherlands and a few additional US states.

A lot of these countries are all singing from the same hymn sheet: regulations to keep gamblers safe, and citizens can gamble online, but no physical casinos will open.

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So why the sudden change? Well, looking at the US’s New Jersey and their adoption of online gambling might enlighten some. In 2020 alone the NJ gambling market, including physical casinos and racetracks generated over $302 million in tax collections. But considering the casinos and racetracks were closed for a majority of the year, online gambling is said to save the state.

With more and more countries accepting the popularity and benefits of online gambling, usually allowing citizens to gamble from foreign sites, online casinos have an opportunity to substantially grow its reach.


Selling your products or business online is no new concept, but it will be given a big boost over the next couple of years.

Not only are marketers catching on to changing habits in customers, but there is a push from social media to get involved in the retail side of things.

Customers are researching their brands, learning their values and priorities before deciding whether they want to give this business their money. Plus, they are discovering items to buy via social media, on posts from influencers or just from friends looking to share their latest buys.

Knowing that, various social media platforms are looking to make the path between discovering an item and buying it a lot shorter. Instagram and TikTok are implementing shopping features that allow users to click on a post and be taken to a site to buy the product directly. Meanwhile, Pinterest is expanding into short-form video content, and Snapchat is offering augmented reality that will allow customers to try on clothing items found online.

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If you have something to sell, now is the time to do it. Online marketing is exploding and so are sales.

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