Olivia Smart and Adrien Dazz win their first Grand Prix medal


10/31/2021 –

aPenalties a week after the expiration 4th place (by a margin of less than half a point) at Skate AmericaThe Spanish pair of Olivia Smart and Adrien Dazs claimed the bronze medal in their second and last appearance at the ISU Grand Prix, the Skate Canada Test, which was held in Vancouver.

It’s the first time this kind of dance has taken the stage in this prestigious circuit Every year it brings together the best snowboarders in the world. Previously, it was only achieved by Sarah Hurtado and Kirill Galyavin, who took the silver and Bronze in the 2018 and 2019 editions of the Rostelecom Cup.

Smart and Dazs both acted as podium nominees and put on a stellar performance at Saturday’s rhythmic dance, beating the beat of Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” to their best (76.97 points). . Their good performance (they received the second best technical rating from a total of ten pairs present) allowed them to take third place with a “rank” of four and a half points in relation to the fourth seed, Americans Caroline Green and Michael. Parsons (72, 40 points).

Olivia Smart and Adrien Dazz win their first Grand Prix medal

In the lead, as expected, were Canadians Piper Gill and Paul Poirier (85.65 points). And the Italians Charlene Guignard and Marco Fabri (78.82 points).

Thanks to the advantage obtained in rhythmic dance, Olivia Smart and Adrien Dazs faced the free dance this Saturday with a certain confidence. They carried out their routine with a great sheet, although they lost some points in the initial set of lifts (specifically three points) because the technical jury didn’t award the expected difficulty value for that movement.

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The rest of his show with the music of “The Mask of Zorro” was absolutely flawless. They have a rating of 115.96 points. They touched their best in this segment (116.11 points) and overcame it in the total number (192.93 points). They hung a bronze medal. The gold went to Pepper Gill and Paul Poirier (210.97 points), who outperformed the rest by a wide margin, and the silver went to Charlene Jennard and Marco Fabri (200.05 points).

“We are very happy that we did two clean runs and, finally, to get our first medal in the Grand Prix. We were surprised by the low degree of difficulty they gave us in the altitude group, we should see what happened because in the previous three competitions we got at level 4 (maximum) possible level of difficulty) ”, emphasized Adrien Daz.

With third and fourth places, Smart and Daz wrapped up the best season of their Grand Prix career. In two weeks they will be competing internationally again. Be in the Austrian ISU Challenger Cup (November 11-14).

ISU Grand Prix Skate Canada Ranking in Dance Mode:

1. Paper Gill and Paul Poirier (Canada) 210.97 points

2. Charlene Guignard and Marco Fabri (Italy): 200.05 points

3. Olivia Smart and Adrian Daz (Spain) 192.93 points

4. Caroline Green and Michael Parsons (US): 186.51 points

5. Diana David and Gleb Smolkin (Russia) 180.57 points

6- Marjorie Lagoy and Zachary Laga (Canada) 179.07 points

7- Lilah Fear and Lewis Gibson (Great Britain): 178.08 points

8. Cristina Carrera and Anthony Ponomarenko (USA): 168.76 points

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9- Elizaveta Shaneva and David Narezhny (Russia): 160.66 points

10- Haley Sells and Nicholas Wamsticker (Canada) 156.56 points

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