How to know if WhatsApp will continue to work on your cell phone

every year Application from instant message par excellence, The WhatsApp, is being renovated to improve Services And provide more and better solutions in Telecommunications instant for your customers. According to the capabilities of this application – to which it belongs Facebook social networking site– The requirements for mobile devices are increasing as they are used, so old models are no longer compatible and the software no longer works on them.

This will happen on November 1, when WhatsApp will no longer work on smartphones whose software version is 4.04 inches Android, o en Iphone With iOS 9. Although these phones are ten years old, many of them are still in use but the app will stop working on them.

Some lists of specific models have been posted, but this way you can see if they will work firsthand. (Pixabay)

Typically, tech companies offer two to three years of updates to their smartphone’s operating system when it’s on sale. So if your cell phone has no more Updates At some point, it is possible for WhatsApp to lose a file Compatibility.

The lack of updates does not mean that you can no longer use your smartphone, but at least this app will not work, although the rest of the functionality is still valid. On the other hand, iPhones allow more time for updates software With a validity of up to seven years.

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To continue enjoying WhatsApp on a device, the company requires that it have a minimum version of Android 4.1 and be able to receive calls or SMS during the verification process. iOS 10 or later is a requirement for iPhone devices.

Check if it will work on your phone

You can check if your phone in particular will be able to continue enjoying WhatsApp, and find out if its latest update has been stuck at 4.04 since then Phone information Which you can find at the beginning or end of the list, depending on the model.

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In this section, you will see data such as the make or model of the smartphone password, in addition to the information we need, namely Android version that program.

If you find that the version is less than 4.1, see if you can do an update, because if you have a version available, you can continue to use your device with the messaging app from Monday.

Otherwise, your Android version will cause the operating requirements to not be met and WhatsApp will no longer be usable from there.

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