Ocean Outdoor offers a DOOH 3D shopping experience with DeepScreen

A technique called “anamorsis” that ocean outdoor Built into DeepScreen allows you to create 3D experiences for advertisers.

As part of your outdoor large scale commercial display, ocean outdoor It integrates 3D technology, known as anamorsis NS forced perspective, which mathematically distorts images so as to create the illusion when viewed from a particular point of view 3D depth on flat surfaces.

The result is DeepScreen, which offers advertisers the latest technological innovations to deliver amazing experiences to audiences in the environment. DOOH commercial.

Patented slippers DeepScreen 3D by Ocean to create fantastic windows onto other “worlds”, extend existing architecture or make impossible things seem to float in the air, off the screen and toward the viewer.

Ocean Deepscreen GWagon

After a successful trial period, DeepScreen is being deployed in peak outdoor DOOH environments in the UK, Nordic countries and the Netherlands.

Activation with DeepScreen was recently carried out at the famous Piccadilly Lights in London, which is operated by Ocean for Landsec. Stunning 3D ads from brands like Vodafone, IWC Schaffhausen, Netflix, Deliveroo and PokerStars have been used as centerpieces for integrated campaigns.

DeepScreen 3D is also available on eight Ocean digital displays located in seven British cities, including Westfield Square, Westfield London, Four Dials in Westfield Stratford City, Manchester Printworks, Liverpool Media Wall and Birmingham Media Eyes as well as Nottingham, Norwich and Glasgow, which It can be combined with activations to provide different visual experiences.

David TateOcean’s head of design and studio, explains, “Forced perspective is hard to describe, but very easy to see: realistic ‘3D’ images, with the right perspective, lighting and shadows; they don’t need fancy glasses, QR codes, or technology.”

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Ocean Deep Screen Piccadilly

To really grab the audience’s attention, “advertisers want to stand out from the crowd and there’s nothing more impressive than a 17-meter-high rugby ball flying toward them,” says Tate.

So that brands can create DeepScreen activations, at Ocean they develop them «3D molds Recreates the unique size and curvature of the screens – defined by this manager – along with the spectator locations for each of the supported sites. With these templates and inline tips from our team, brands can combine their images to create these eye-catching campaigns.”

According to Ocean’s Neuroscience Research, full motion displays a static 2.5 times outperformance, causing emotional trauma, encoding memory, and serving as evidence for other media.

Earlier this year, Ocean published an additional study called Ignition Who again analyzes the proposal of DOOH excellent To match it with the peak that is shown on TV.

Using the data and a set of commonalities, determine the circumference of 280 DOOH Photos (They share the same characteristics as the heyday of TV ads, “with one important difference: DOOH is also reaching a younger audience,” Tate confirms.

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