Nursing and medicine lead the rankings

This week is the last chance for students this year Pass the university entrance examination And decide in a few days which degree to study in the coming years. This decision is not easy. In fact, there are many factors to consider: profession, career opportunities, future prospects… But what are these professions? Are they the ones with the highest class scores? Have they changed a lot? The most requested degrees in the past year?

Despite the fact that the coronavirus has ceased to be an international alert recently, last year University studies have recovered lost ground. Offers increased by 0.89 points and reached 37.30% of the jobs posted, according to job portal Infoempleo y LHH Staffing Solutions.

After the data, the Health science majorsWith 40.28% it continues to top the list for the second year in a row. However, despite the fact that he is the most sought after, with the passing of the health crisis, his presence in the training requirements of job offers has slowed. This made it decrease by 6.68 points compared to 2021.

the Careers in the social and legal sciences In second place with 37.06%. This percentage reflects an increase of eight points in its presence in the requirements for offers compared to 2021. In the corresponding branch, degrees in the field of engineering and architecture were present in 20.62% of the offers. That is, it has not changed.

this year Arts and humanities They were delighted, and this is the first time that the demand for graduate students (1.07%) has exceeded that of science (0.98%), who took last place this year.

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Most popular degrees

If we focus on specific careers and not degrees, we see this again The coronavirus health crisis has raised concerns It has almost completely adapted companies. Using this data, it can be seen that Nursing tops the list of most in-demand degrees in Spain during 2022, receiving 10.78% of all offers to university students. However, it decreased its presence in shows by 1.64 percentage points.

in The second place is medicine and biomedicine, which although last year led demand in Spain, now has 10.52% of supply and lost 2.8 points. Education and education (9.80% of presentations) ranked third, as they witnessed over the past year the largest growth within the ranking, amounting to 7.85 points, replacing management and business administration, which continued to decline.

Of the five degrees with the most job prospects, the dual degree is in business and law, at 4.92% (losing one position and nearly three-tenths).

in lower ranks There are computer engineering degrees with 3.76% of offers. Psychology and Educational Psychology (which saw the second largest increase with 2.70% of offers) and Industrial Engineering (2.50%); Physiotherapy (2.31%) and closes the ranking of the top 10 occupations in communications engineering (1.63%).

Job offer distribution

If we talk about the importance of university degrees by the independent community, many differences can be seen. Most job offers Speak, another year, in the Community of Madrid, with a rate of 19.85%.

Follow him AndalusWhich, despite losing half a percentage point, continues to be the focus of 13.81% of offers for college students. The third follows Catalonia, which was replaced by Andalusian autonomy two years ago. The area collects 12.84% of bids and regains 4 tenths of last year.

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Castilla y León maintains fourth place who won the previous session with 10.02%. Together, these four communities make up 56.53% of the total. No more than half.

Conversely, the Balearic Islands (1.05%), La Rioja (1.10%), and Asturias (1.25%) are the communities with the lowest percentage of job offers requiring a college degree.

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