La Jornada – Morena will attend Tepjf if INE postpones cancellation exercise: Monreal

Mexico City. In the event that the National Electoral Institute (INE) decides to postpone the exercise of revocation of the mandate, Morena can appeal to the Supreme Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary (TEPJF), in order to rescind this agreement, Senator Ricardo Monreal Avila submitted.

Morena’s parliamentary majority coordinator said a majority of council members are expected to agree to this proposal, which was promoted by the president of the National Institute of Statistics, Lorenzo Cordova, and councilor Ciro Murayama, “because they have a tremendous influence” within the said institute. .

Monreal said in an interview that the decision to postpone the revocation of the mandate was “part of normal democratic life and we should not feel resentful or angry.”

He explained that once this agreement is issued and approved, it is up to Morena, the political parties and the actors, to head to the TEPJF’s upper chamber, so that it can be rescinded.

“Therefore, there is still a more or less important path to go from the point of view of the judiciary,” the legislator said.

The Morenista also considered this decision “reasonable” by Lorenzo Cordova and Ciro Murayama, as they claimed that they did not have the resources, and although the nation’s Supreme Court of Justice had given them no comment in the constitutional dispute they had brought up for the reduction in the budget, the matter is “subject to court.” “.

“I’m sure they will vote for the postponement and then Morena will turn to TEPJF, which she will have to resolve in the end.” He added that the cancellation of the mandate will be tried.

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But he stressed that “no one should be surprised either, because the party who feels offended or who feels affected by his rights, turns to the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Authority, until it is decided finally.”

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