Spain and the United Kingdom have joined forces in favor of more sustainable sea and air transport by EFE

© Reuters. Spain and the United Kingdom have joined forces in favor of more sustainable sea and air transport

Madrid, July 7 (.) – The Ministries of Transport of Spain and the United Kingdom on Friday signed three cooperation agreements on sustainability and improvement of working conditions in the areas of air and sea logistics, within the framework of a bilateral meeting held in Madrid.

As the department headed by Raquel Sanchez reports in a press release, the organizations have committed to reducing net emissions from the aviation sector through the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), a technology they aspire to gradually replace fossil fuels.

They will also work together to improve conditions for seafarers on ships registered in countries other than Spain and the United Kingdom, but making regular voyages between ports belonging to both countries.

By this they intend, for example, to avoid hiring workers from these two countries with a salary lower than that stipulated by their legislation.

With regard to maritime transport, they suggested moving forward with the establishment of green corridors between Spain and the United Kingdom, which is a first step for the signing of a possible memorandum of understanding.

These lanes are routes supported by the use of zero-emission energy on both ships and onshore port infrastructure.

The agreements reached were agreed upon during the bilateral meeting held at the Ministry’s headquarters in Madrid, chaired by Secretary-General for Transport and Mobility María José Ralló, and British Secretary of State for Air and Maritime Transport Charlotte Ferry.

Conventions aside, Rallo was concerned with the carriers’ wait times at border control in Dover (UK) where queues are common for drivers crossing the English Channel.

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