The Crown: A member of the royal family defends the Netflix series

“The Crown” was one of Netflix’s biggest bets To show the world a little bit of what lives inside The royal family of the United KingdomBut after four seasons, this project caused many people inside Buckingham Palace and close loved ones to legislate against the way history was handled.

But behind all the complaints and harassment of some family members, there is someone pleased with the Netflix project; This time we’re talking about Princess Eugenie, Princess of YorkWho did not hesitate to give his point of view after four seasons of “The Crown”.

“It’s beautifully shot, the music is beautiful, “The story is amazing and you are proud to watch it,” Prince Anders and Sarah Ferguson’s best daughter told the media.

Who is the defender

The Princess of York is the prince’s cousin William and Harry, niece of Charles Wells; But the most important thing is that she is the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, so she is the direct heir to the throne, but she is ranked eighth to assume the throne when the queen loses her life.

Thanks to the above, the words of the princess are of the utmost importance to the directors and producers of the series “the crown”, But the most important for all fans is the series that shows life within the royal family.

Currently, there are only four seasons available on the stremaing platform, but in July of this year the filming of the fifth season will begin, so it is not known when it will appear, but it has been allocated in the budget, if Covid-19 allows it. Late 2022.

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