Nobody likes Mexicans in the United States, not even rival Germany

Mexico will play two friendly matches against Ghana and Germany. (Ron Jenkins/Getty Images)

Molero parties Mexico They have been criticized for a long time. These friendly matches held in the United States, generally against lower-level opponents, tend to be very productive from an economic standpoint, but not from a sporting standpoint. The popular ad suggests that in order to raise its level, El Tri will have to face competitors in Europe or South America. But this demand is rarely met, even if there are some exceptions.

This trend is very clear for Mexican football and its national team. The match against Germany, on October 17, may be an exception. They will be attending with their all-star team. However, it is precisely this decision that has drawn criticism in Germany. And not from just anyone. Thomas Tuchel, coach of Bayern Munich, the club that contributes five elements to this invitation, was not shy about expressing his dissatisfaction with this match.

“It is difficult for me to understand why, before the European Championship in Germany, there will be a friendly match in the United States against Mexico. If someone can explain it to me so I can understand it. We are always asked at the end, when everything is decided. No one is consulted before making the decision. “They probably know our opinion and don't want to listen to it,” were Tuchel's words at a press conference. The European champion coach with Chelsea in 2021 expanded his point of view and criticized the huge number of matches that are held in general every year.

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He added: “Those who run the Champions League will create more matches at some point. The European Championship will be expanded, as will the World Cup, and the matches will be played thousands of kilometers away. I assure you, you will not find someone responsible.” “For the club that thinks this is a good thing.” The Borussia Dortmund player with the same name, Edin Terzic, shared his assessment: “It will be a challenge (to lose four players), but we will try to get the best out of us. We will try to make sure that in these conditions with our boys they come back not only healthy, but also fit and ready to participate.” He plays.”

Before the confrontation with Mexico, Germany will face the United States three days before. That is, there will be two matches in total, which is a reason that causes more inconvenience in the German environment. With this decision, they weighed the economic field and not the sports field, which is the reason for Tuchel’s complaint, who has always been distinguished by extreme frankness in his comments. Clearly the best thing for Germany would be to play two friendlies in Europe – although if it were up to the clubs, they would opt for no FIFA history.

Mexico has managed to benefit greatly from both FIFA history and friendly matches played outside FIFA history (even more fascinating than usual). On this occasion, the context was colored by the confrontation against Germany. Although what is more likely is that they will play the first match against the United States with a starting lineup, and will field a substitute team against El Tri. On the other hand, Jaime Lozano's team will have to rotate the elements to present two moderately competitive teams, first against Ghana and then against the Germans.

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In this case, Mexico is seen as a secondary competitor, contributing nothing on a sporting level and representing nothing but a long journey for the German players. In addition to the physical fatigue they will be exposed to in the match and the always lurking possibility of injury. They have nothing to gain, but it is economically convenient for their union. Yes, a well-known story in Mexico. Now it's their turn, even if they don't like it.

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