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Juan Vicente Duarte, Journalist, Nacion Media – Images: archive and courtesy

Offering a healthy alternative and greater knowledge of the many sports played in the country, is the aim of the first edition of the Asu Capital Deportiva, which within the framework of the celebrations of the 486th anniversary of the city of Asunción they will be held today and tomorrow in the Costanera and the Bahía de Asunción.

The event is jointly organized by the Municipality of Asuncion, the Municipal Council of Asuncion (Culture, Tourism and Sports Committee), the National Sports Secretariat – SND and the Paraguayan Olympic Committee – COP.

The initiative arose under the aforementioned commission of the municipal legislature. Counselor Paulina Serrano, who is a member of the aforementioned committee and coordinates this activity, explained to La Nación del Finde that this merger event is intended to be the beginning of other events that will happen later.

This idea came to the committee by talking to other colleagues. And from there we started the dialogue between the institutions with the sons of the National Sports Secretariat and the Olympic Committee to make this edition of “Costanera Deportiva”, as a start to be able to plan long-term sports promotion programs, ”said the mayor.

He added that it was the enthusiasm witnessed at the Odesur AAsu Games 2022 that prompted this sports marathon, as part of the celebrations commemorating the founding of the city.

“We have implemented more well-known sports activities in some neighborhoods of the city, but this arises with the intention of introducing other disciplines, because there are many of them that people do not know. In addition, this is integration, and that people also participate not only as observers, but they can also participate Some athletes will come to play with them in many disciplines. He explained that there are specific schedules that will be for all ages and open to the public.”

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This activity is supported by several sports federations and clubs from Asuncion such as the Paraguayan German Rowing Club and the Mbiguá Club.

Two days of pure sports

The event will take place in the pier, linear park and beach areas, with the aim of connecting citizens to the bay as well as promoting Asunción as a capital promoting sports.

The program for the day includes activities in those three enabled spaces from 9:00 that will continue until sunset. The day will be the longest and most nutritious in terms of games and competitions. After that, the official opening ceremony will take place, which will conclude with a late-night concert.

Tomorrow, as the first activity, the Farmacenter Bullfight is scheduled to start from 7:00 am to 9:00 am around the perimeter of the Costanera, to start competitions and games with more disciplines, always in the three available spaces.

Counselor Paulina Serrano, event coordinator

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