PlayStation 6: The highly anticipated remake will be one of the first games for the console

PlayStation 5 He still has a lot to offer, but more and more rumors are emerging about what Sony It's supposedly gearing up for the launch of the PlayStation 6. According to a recent rumour, one of the first games on the upcoming console will be the long-awaited re-release that many have been waiting for: Bloodborne.

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And they say that Bloodborne It will have a remake for PS6

Bloodborne may return for PlayStation 6

For months, we have been receiving reports about a relaunch Bloodborne With a potential port for PlayStation 5 and PC. However, time has passed and it looks like the popular PlayStation 4 game won't be making a comeback, at least not anytime soon.

Fans of the franchise are excited about a recent rumour, with a reset user known as Head on the Block confirming that there will be one New edition of the title to PlayStation 6. According to details, the project is still ongoing In the planning stagesSo we won't be hearing from him any time soon.

Another interesting detail, according to the source, is that the development is in the hands of… Blue Point Gamesstudy Play Station Known for its excellent remakes and remasters. Obviously, the project may move to another studio at some point.

As for its release, it is reported that it will be exclusive to the PlayStation 6, so players should not expect it on Sony's current console. The truth is that this is just a rumour, so we advise you to control your expectations. Especially since the new console is still years away.

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For many, a comeback Bloodborne It makes sense, but in the current generation. Some players do not trust the report because it cannot be verified in any way whether Sony and PlayStation are actually planning the return of the PS4 exclusive.

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