“Mary Poppins” is no longer available to all audiences in the United Kingdom due to racism

“Mary Poppins” It’s classic cinema. The film was released with a familiar and comforting tone Spain in 1965had won Five Oscars It is considered one of the greatest works Disney. However, six decades later, it has… British Board of Film Classification (BBFC)It is the body responsible for classifying audiovisual content in United kingdomhe removed the rating for all audiences.

The reason depends PBFCRacism that emerges from an expression that is repeated twice in the feature film he directed Robert Stevenson And heroically Julie Andrews. Specifically, controversy has arisen as a result of this word Hottentota term used to refer to the Khoikho, Indigenous people in South Africa This is after six decades Discriminatory.

The scene of sedition is carried out by him Admiral BloomOne of the characters in the movie thinks he is “He was attacked by the Hottentots”when in fact they are Chimney cleaning operations Who dance on rooftops. Because of their work, they are smeared with charcoal, and thus their skin becomes black. In fact, it’s one of the film’s most memorable moments, as a large portion of it is musical.

“Mary Poppins” is rated PG

from British Board of Film Classification They assume that they have taken into account the film’s historical context – remember that it was released in 1965 – although they insist that, despite everything, the use of this kind of language is not condemned: “Exceeds our guidelines for acceptable words to be rated U (universal, appropriate for all audiences)“Instead, it is now classified as s. (Parental guidance).

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This same body defends its decision by saying that it wants to prevent parents from “exposing children to hurtful language or behavior which they may find hurtful”.

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