Nikki Haley is not giving up and is continuing to raise money in her race against Trump


In a long SMS message sent this morning to his followers, he announced that he was going to Michigan — the next state to hold primaries — and then preparing for Super Tuesday.

“But to do this, I need your help to fund my fight. Can you send a generous donation today to help me pay for the next critical phase?” the letter read, stressing that he continues to see “frustration” in the state and across the country. The country, and that the United States “will fall apart if we make the wrong decisions.”

Soon after, their marketing strategists showed off a T-shirt with a very simple slogan: “No Fear” and on the sleeve with the candidate’s name and national flag.

“In America we have elections, not coronations,” Haley said.

Haley said in that message: “In America we have elections, not coronations,” referring to all the voices demanding that she abandon the race in light of the almost absolute certainty that Donald Trump will win it by a large margin.

The final results from South Carolina recently gave Trump 47 delegates and only 3 for Haley, so the difference so far stands at 110 delegates to 20, and the media highlights that Haley was theoretically playing on her favorite turf in South Carolina (where she was not only born and raised, but She was governor from 2011 to 2017).

In the next few states, according to almost all the media, Republican voters became more favorable to Trump, and Haley can trust – almost hopelessly – only in those states where legislation allows people outside the Republican Party to vote, such as the United States. It happened yesterday in South Carolina (and even then, it had only won two districts, the most urban).

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One detail that caught attention last night was the measured tone Donald Trump used to celebrate his victory in South Carolina: He didn't call Haley “Nymbra” — a mockery of her first name, Nimratha Nikki — nor did he insult her, which was even more insulting. Almost: he made no reference to it in any way, and completely ignored it, which did not go unnoticed.

The fact that Trump considers Haley an extinguisher is demonstrated once again by his latest posts on his social network Truth: Today he only wrote two posts comparing himself to Joe Biden

The fact that Trump considers Haley an extinguisher is again demonstrated by his recent posts on his social network Truth: just yesterday he wrote two messages comparing himself to Joe Biden, without the slightest reference to his direct rival who is still in the race.

he The New York Times This new tone from Trump is interpreted as a signal that he will try to appeal to moderate voters, those who, who share his ideas, dislike the former president's rude or rude tone, “a vindictive and bullying tone,” as Healey defines it. .

In fact, many of the people EFE consulted in South Carolina who declared themselves Haley voters object not so much to Trump's policies as to his unpredictable style and personality.

Now that Haley's candidacy is almost a novel, all eyes are on who will be Trump's barbecue partner and running mate if he wins the presidential election in November, and many are betting specifically on a moderate image that will soften the edges of one of Haley's. . The most divisive politicians the United States has ever produced.

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