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Venezuela President, Nicolas MaduroIt became a trend in social networks because it started Talk to the horse.

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This event took place in Cerro Avila de Caracas, during the webcast.

Maduro was accompanied by his wife. Celia Flores.

“I see you, shall we walk together?” he said, holding a microphone in his hand.

This is mentioned when Maduro said, in 2013, that the late president Hugo Chavez He introduced himself as a bird to deliver a message to him.

The moment when he spoke with a horse did not go unnoticed and sparked many comments on social networks.

He felt it appeared to him

In 2012, Nicolas Maduro In the hometown of late President Hugo Chávez, he said he felt he appeared to him as a “little bird” and blessed him at the start of the election campaign.

“I felt him there giving us a blessing, telling us, ‘Today the battle begins. Go to victory. Our blessings to you. That’s how I felt from my soul,” Maduro said in the courtyard of Chavez’s hometown Sabaneta, in the state of Barinas, in western Venezuela.

Maduro, who was accompanied by the Chavez brothers, said that while praying in a small Catholic church and finding himself completely alone, a bird appeared, communicating with him with whistles.

“Suddenly a little bird came in, little one, and gave me three turns here,” he said, pointing at his head and imitating the flapping.

And the sparrow continued Something excited maturesOr, “He stood on the keel and began to whistle, a gentle whistle,” he said in imitation.

“I stared at him and whistled at him too, well. If you whistle, I whistle,” he whistled. The little bird saw me as a stranger, didn’t he? He whistled for a while, turned me around and left and I could feel his spirit,” Hugo Chavez said.

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