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Last year's goal was WhatsApp Messenger For Android users to have a modern and more visually attractive main interface, they achieved this after prioritizing this in their latest updates, but the Meta team has just done the same in the first update of 2024 for the application for iPhone.

It is important to clarify this The latest update, corresponding to January 2024, does not include new toolsThey simply made aesthetic changes to their interface and got rid of the feature that accompanied the iOS messaging app for many years.

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WhatsApp on the iPhone had privacy, the letters and settings were in blue, but Developers are now betting everything on green. From Depor We will reveal more details below.

First update 2024 for WhatsApp for iOS: these are the changes

  • for the first time Notifications The one shown in the icons below will not be red, but green.
  • Furthermore it, Icons The 'News', 'Calls', 'Communities' and 'Settings' (You) tone will appear white when tapped.
  • the “Complete” also “He followsThe canals were also painted green.
  • Finally, when you press Clip or cross button Within personal and group chat, the “Camera”, “Photos & Videos”, “Documents”, “Location”, “Contact” and “Survey” options will no longer appear in the menu, and will have large icons above their names, similar to the Android version. .

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How to activate the new status filters in WhatsApp for iPhone

  • Firstly, it is necessary to clarify that this function is only available in The beta version of WhatsApp for iOS.
  • To get it, download .
  • After you installed it, In WhatsApp beta for iPhone
  • You will be referred back to TestFlight.
  • Click Accept for the placement and the beta version of WhatsApp will start installing on your phone.
  • It should be noted that participants in the WhatsApp testing program on iPhone are somewhat limited.
  • Enter the beta version of WhatsApp (it's the same app).
  • Click on the tab “Updates“.
  • Now, tap on the three dots icon located in the top left corner of the “Countries” section.
  • Here, choose any of the options listed above: “All”, “Viewed”, “Last” and “Mute”.

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