It includes details of entry requirements for Cubans into Nicaragua

According to the Nicaraguan newspaper La Prensa, despite the sanctions imposed by North America on the businessmen behind the flights from Havana to Managua, thousands of Cubans are still arriving in this Central American country. In addition, they detailed (fairly new) entry requirements for international travelers, including Cubans.

the report Indicates Since the United States imposed visa restrictions on flight operators who cooperate with irregular migration, several airlines such as Conviasa and Aruba have published the schedule of flights they will operate between Cuba and Managua in January 2024.

These flights with Cubans are in addition to the flights of other companies transporting migrants, such as Albatros, which flies from Curacao to Managua.

On the other hand, Managua International Airport, Augusto C. Sandino has updated its website and the English version now shows the prices it charges for the various services it offers for private flights, including charter flights carrying passengers. There is also a new payment requirement upon entry into Nicaragua, which includes Cubans.

Cubans: Condition for entry into Nicaragua

As is known, since the end of 2021, Cubans have been able to travel to Nicaragua without the need for a visa and benefit from Conviasa and Aruba flights that connect Havana with Managua.

This has caused an unprecedented wave of Cuban migration seeking to reach the United States by land. Hundreds of thousands have achieved it since that date. Currently, the business has expanded to other countries such as Haiti, Africa and Asia.

On the other hand, Managua International Airport has updated its website in English and shows the prices of thirty services it offers for private flights, such as landing, parking, transfer, lighting, luggage, water and others.

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In addition, he also announced a new requirement, where foreigners must pay a tourist fee of ten dollars when entering the country, with the exception of citizens of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. Cubans therefore have to pay this payment upon entry.

However, given the level of corruption, international sources speak of an illegal practice being carried out at Augusto C. Sandino Airport, namely imposing arbitrary fees on migrants arriving in the country. According to two sources close to the place, travelers must pay between $150 and $200 to enter. In other words, they double the rate.

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