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One of the goals of every athlete is to excel abroad, and Kimberly Hurtart has achieved this after becoming the first Guatemalan to be selected for the World Championships. Draft From professional softball in Mexico to join Bravas Leon, Guanajuato.

Hurtart comes from a family connected to the game of ball, with his brother emerging as a national team player and signing with the Pittsburgh Pirates for their training farms in the Dominican Republic, while his father was a scout for the Baltimore Orioles in the middle of the country. America.

Chapina had a perfect development, and from the time she was young, she was taken to the two-colour, although she had to get a place like all her companions, until she took over the gardens. Hurtart's choice was historic, as the Bravas leadership did not wait and summoned her in the first round, which surprised Al-Riyadiyah on November 7.

It was great news for us at home and now I couldn't travel or join the club.“, said the baseball player, who today will board the plane that will take her to realize this dream.

During the club rankings I was tracking the odds, so I more or less knew where I stood in the rankings; Plus the order of choosing the Enneagram was only to be expected. The truth is that I was surprised that I was the first choice for the Bravas team“, highlighted.

When the opportunity arose, I said to myself: “I have to try.” I reviewed the filters and when I was shortlisted to be selected, I knew that I would be the first Guatemalan professional and that I represented something epic for the country.“, admitted the grassland ranger, who wishes that more citizens would now come to that association.

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I started with the national team when I was 14 years old. The journey was long, I spent several tournaments on the bench, until I finally found my place in the team and achieved this achievement.“he added.

In the tryouts to get into the draft, we were only 40 or 50 players on the field; We went through filters, such as pitching speed, accuracy, catches on fly balls, and throws to bases, until the number was reduced. The last test was the multiplication test, where we were each given two courses and thank God I hit both.“, revealed the player.

The powerhouse competed at the Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador last year, where she enjoyed great success on home soil.

The first series of the Aztec Championship begins on the 25th of this month, and the final series is scheduled to be held on March 25.

Max S.  Pérez Photographer: Mario LeónMax S.  Pérez Photographer: Mario León

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