News – A symposium by the Institute of Family Sciences addresses communication between school and family

The Institute of Family Sciences of the University of Los Andes, through its Postgraduate Degree in Guidance, Psychoeducation and Family and the Diploma in Dealing with Difficult Conversations in School Contexts, held a symposium entitled “Dialogues to Strengthen School Community and Family”.

The meeting witnessed distinguished participation from Academician Maria Soledad Fuentealba, who presented basic strategies to improve communication between family and school.

In his presentation, Fuentealba highlighted the importance of several key strategies, such as identifying a PIN, as he explained the need to break down every conflict into three main components: positions, what each side wants; Interests, the reasons behind what they want and needs, and what it takes to achieve those interests.

He explained that by focusing communications on interests and needs, it is easier to find common ground and mutually beneficial solutions.

He stressed the importance of showing genuine interest in the story of each party involved in the conflict. This involves trying to understand another’s thoughts and feelings, even if you don’t agree.

He also pointed to the pursuit of common interests. Fuentealba gave the example of safety and calm of students/children, which is usually a common concern in conflicts between parents and schools.

It also addressed identifying the emotions associated with the situation and searching for alternative solutions, while emphasizing the importance of cooperation in searching for options acceptable to everyone.

The symposium highlighted the importance of these strategies in creating a cooperative and supportive environment between the school and the family. Maria Soledad Fuentealba concluded that enhancing communication and understanding the needs and feelings of each party are essential steps to resolving conflicts and building a more cohesive and harmonious school community.

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You can see the complete activity here.

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