New US and British sanctions on Iran

In response to Iran's recent military actions against Israel, the United States and the United Kingdom imposed new sanctions Sanctions and export controls against this country. A White House statement indicated that the sanctions target leaders and entities associated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Iranian Ministry of Defense, and the unmanned missile program.

In this way, the US government coordinated with the G7 leaders Measures to restrict military programs and increase economic pressure on Iran. In line with this, the UK government reported that sanctions had been issued against 7 individuals and 6 entities that “allowed Iran to carry out destabilizing regional activities, including a direct attack on Israel.”

And so more than 400 sanctions imposed by the United Kingdom and the United States on Iran. the new Sanctions packageIt focuses on strengthening the network of key players in the drone and missile industries in Iran, with the aim of reducing their capabilities in these areas. Like the United States, the United Kingdom reaffirmed its support for providing security to Israel and its regional partners.

“These sanctions, announced jointly with the United States, show that we unequivocally condemn this behavior and will further limit Iran’s ability to destabilize the region,” British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said while attending the G7 foreign ministers’ meeting in Capri. On the other hand, those entities on which restrictions were imposed were listed. Classifications of the new sanctions regime on Iran in the United Kingdom. Among them are the General Staff of the Armed Forces, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and the Khatmulanbia Central Headquarters (KCHQ).

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On the other hand, the persons mentioned are Major General Gholam Ali RashidCommander of KCHQ, Minister of Defence, Muhammad Reda Ashtiani, Director of the Aerospace Industries Organization, Syed Mir Ahmed. The statement said: “The aforementioned individuals are subject to a travel ban and asset freeze, and the entities are subject to an asset freeze.”

In addition, the UK notes that in 2023 alone, 154 new designations were issued against Israel. Through which the export of specific components and services for unmanned aerial vehicles is prohibited. For its part, the United States describes that during the Biden administration, sanctions were imposed on more than 600 individuals and entities, including Iran. through which, The Treasury Department imposes trade restrictions on Iranian military industries.

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