ALBA-TCP gives priority to establishing a council for social movements (+photos)

This is what the Executive Secretary of this bloc for Latin America and the Caribbean, Jorge Arreaza, considered when he presented his presentation on the principle of unity as a transformative element, on the second day of the Global Social Alternative meeting, held in Caracas with the presence of 60 countries.

The diplomat said that the goal of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Latin America – Technical Cooperation Program is to achieve self-determination, so that we can be free and happy to have our needs met. He added that there are 10 member states, but “we hope to have more soon,” said the people present.

Arreasa expressed that the people are the engine and energy, and called for the need to build a way to build the Council of Social Movements, but not from the bureaucracy of the Executive Secretariat and the chancelleries.

“This can only be done with you,” he urged the organizations and social movements present at the meeting held by the coalition and the Simón Bolívar Institute and also attended by intellectuals and political parties from the bloc’s member states.

In this sense, he called for building a way to create the ALBA-TCP Council of Social Movements, which should have an agenda and a programme, and be a global social alternative for a new moment for humanity.

This means, he emphasized, that there is cooperation, solidarity, integration and defense of Latin American identity and culture.

He stressed that if we cannot agree even at a minimum, “we will not be able to achieve our goals” and recognized unity as the only possible way forward.

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The Executive Secretary stressed that the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Latin America – the Technical Cooperation Program must be a common instrument, but let us feel that, “We have no more time, we must move to action, to a concrete agenda.”

He expressed his hope that “the Council of Social Movements will be present the next time we see each other, and we hope that on December 14, we will be able to make its creation official,” during the celebration of a summit meeting in Havana, Cuba, for the Nations. United. 20 years since the emergence of the integrative mechanism.

Stressing that the “ALBA-TCP” is the great platform and the great geopolitical and popular contribution that the leaders Fidel Castro (1926-2016) and Hugo Chavez (1954-2013) bequeathed to the people, Arreaza stressed that this “is the project of the people and no one else.”

At the end of the day, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is scheduled to hold a dialogue with delegates.


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