Health makes a second MIR call after 473 vacancies remain

A doctor listens to her patient (Pixels)

The Ministry of Health sent a second appeal that will conclude next Wednesday for coverage 473 places MIR Of which vacancies remain in the current call, 459 of them are in the specialty of family and community medicine, which means More than double It was a year ago.

Finally, the process of awarding 8,772 seats in medicine offered this year, which began on the 8th of this month, was concluded on Friday. 75% of the elected seats By applicants who this year reached 10,922.

In this way, he left the family specialty 459 deserted place, compared to 202 that were not granted in the first call last year; The other two fields that did not succeed in being exhausted are preventive medicine and public health, which leaves 12 vacant positions, and occupational medicine, with two vacant positions. In this second call, the share of non-EU citizens will be expanded to 10% of the places on offer, going from 526 to 877, according to information published by the Ministry of Health.

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On Monday 1 April, the process of allocating 11,607 Specialist Health Training (FSE) places began. the Election work Online placement will begin on April 1 at 10:00 AM for degrees Nursing, pharmacy, biology, physics, psychology and chemistryAnd today April 5, 10:00 am to find out the score Medicine.

In the nursing and medical degrees, elections will be held in… Three sessions daily From the ruling they call for 300 applicants per sessionwhich represents a decrease of 100 people compared to last year's call, to avoid problems of website collapse.

Consultation signs at La Paz University Hospital in Madrid (Eduardo Parra/Europa Press)

Applicants submit an electronic application for a training place on the Ministry of Health website, specifying the places presented in the call according to preference, with the time varying according to the order. Prizes were presented by April 4 In all academic degrees, including nursing, except medicine, it is April 8.

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Finally, all that remains is foundation. All applicants who have been offered a place should, once they have secured it, contact them Teaching Committee To schedule the pre-joining medical examination, which will be conducted on May 6 and 7, as its effective date May 7, 2024 For all people starting specialized training.

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