Here’s How You Can Turn Your Fire TV Into a Retro Console

If you like playing video games, whether occasionally or as a real gamer, you will be interested to know that you can bring more life to your Fire TV at home as a console. This is thanks to RetroArch, an emulator available in the Amazon App Store that lets you play nostalgic console games like Nintendo 64, PlayStation, SNES or GameBoy. However, in order to take full advantage of it, we will have to do a few things. We explain them to you below.

You can download the emulator now. Retro Arch Look for it in the Amazon App Store. But in order to be able to offer the games you want and have an experience as similar as possible to the real console experience, it is advisable to have several items, which we may have at home or can buy for a little money.

  • a He orders Xbox, PlayStation, etc. that can be connected to the TV and used for gaming.
  • adapter OTG Micro USB To be able to connect a flash drive or other type of external storage, where we will save the games, to the Fire TV.
  • If we don’t have the converter or don’t want to buy it, we will have to download an app like Wireless File Manager In the Fire TV App Store, where you can transfer games from your PC to Fire TV.

Simply put, we will have to search for the ROMs of the games we want on the Internet and transfer them to the Fire TV using an adapter or wirelessly (using an adapter is more convenient, and will also allow us to save a larger number of games than if we only used the Fire TV memory). We cannot help you with the sites from which you can download games, but it is not difficult to find resources on the Internet.

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The list of compatible consoles that RetroArch can emulate is huge, and you can consult it here. Of course, most of the games we can use will be fairly old, as they are fairly old consoles (although we can also find Wii or Nintendo 3DS in their latest version).

Once we have the games, we can go to the app store on the smart TV to download RetroArch on fire tvOnce installed, we will have to enter, and as you can see in the main menu, you will have several configuration options. First you will have to click on Load core, because if you do not have RetroArch before, you will have to install those that are similar to support for the different consoles. The emulator gives you a good number of options, perhaps not all of them will work, but trying them will be enough. After loading the cores of the consoles we want to use, we will have to click on Load content, look for the folder where we have the ROM and install our games.

Within RetroArch settings, you can also connect your controller, update its software, or try playing online.

Use converter

As we mentioned before, you can use an app like Wireless File Manager to load games on the system, but it is a rather complex application and it will usually be more convenient and safer to use an external storage for our games. To do this, you can look in stores like Amazon, where they will not be expensive. The Micro USB OTG adapter should be able to connect the external storage using USB-A on the one hand, and on the other hand, connect to the Fire TV using the Micro USB present in the Amazon device.

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For example, it could be the one you see above. Don’t forget to download games from trusted sources to avoid introducing malware to your computer.

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