New measures in Bolivia against the allies of a corrupt ex-minister – Prensa Latina

Deputy Justice Minister Cesar Selles announced that the procedural situation of the others who have been investigated will be determined in the coming days, after the arrest on Friday of Morello’s son-in-law, Leonardo Paredes, and former Brigadier General Daniel Pilot.

A judge decided the preventive detention of Paredes and Pilot, both of whom were involved in a case called “tear gas,” the main defendant, Murillo.

Police detained Paredes after he withdrew money and valuables from a financial institution in Cochabamba registered in the name of Morello; And to Bellot after making two deposits in favor of Aliss.

Both individuals are under investigation for the illegal purchase in 2019 of the aforementioned riot control materials, which the Janine Anez regime used against anti-coup protesters in November of that year.

The operation involved the payment of $ 5.6 million, of which $ 2.3 million was additional fees that benefited Murillo and the others involved, members of the so-called “corruption clan”.

According to the Public Prosecution, hearing the precautionary measures presupposes the existence of two arrest warrants, which proves the risks of obstruction and flight.

Deputy Minister Selles assessed the new legal procedures as indicating that “justice is moving forward and is investigating events that affected the country’s economy and the goodwill of Bolivians”.

The commission confirmed that the Public Prosecution had submitted, in recent hours, a request for the extradition of Morello to the Judge for Judicial Oversight in the case in the United States.

Selez clarified that this is the first step after analyzing the formal and substantive requirements for presentation to the State Department and for later referral to Washington.

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For its part, the Ministry of Defense reported that there were six new corruption cases related to the regime of former president Janine Anez, in addition to indications of 15 other cases.

US authorities charged and detained Murillo, the former head of the government of Anez, on Wednesday, as a fugitive from Bolivian justice on charges of bribery, money laundering and the operation of a criminal group.

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