Neum, a kryptonite in Cuba

Madrid, March 12th (EFE). – Take Kobo and arrive at Getafe with the aim of finding continuity that was not present in Villarreal. His second loan this season seemed to be perfect for developing the Japanese, who are eager to collect minutes in the League. Jose Bordalas’ team fit the idea. The Japanese needed a boost to take off to the ground, which is just what he needs. However, these expectations were not fulfilled because the player was closing the doors in his face.

He is none other than Alan Neom, a man of lesser quality than Kubo. Less vision of the game, worse hitting the ball, less competent positions, sometimes faulty controls and, in general, relatively, almost every statistical area, he has fewer points than the young Japanese.

Nevertheless, Neom possesses three traits in which she surpasses Kobo. The first, after having the complete and absolute confidence of Jose Bordalas, who always has him in mind. The second, an insurmountable ability to sacrifice. And third, the virtue of distancing his rivals by way of picares that Kubo lacks.

The player on loan from Real Madrid had a bad luck to join a team as there is a huge demand for the positions he can fill. In the left side of midfield he is always playing Marc Cucorella. Indispensable to him and he is one of the franchisees of Getafe. And in the zone, on the right, he can play with a changing leg, but Neom closes the starting point door.

His arrival in Getafe coincided with a bad moment for the team, which added only one win in eleven matches. With the emergence of the “Philomena” storm and the absence of any training, Cobo traveled to Elche with Carles Alenia, among the club’s new acquisitions. Not knowing their buddies, the two fell to their feet.

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Aleñá, was the initiator directly. Bordalás changed his usual 4-4-2 technique to 4-2-3-1 to accommodate the Catalan who acts as a link in the midfielder. He made four important passes and was showing up as a good catalyst for the offensive game. Kobo didn’t perform bad either. He went to the field in the last half hour, scored a goal by Jaime Mata and provided an assist to Angel that ended with a penalty kick.

The match ended with a score of 1-3 in Getafe’s favor. Aleñá and Kubo were raised to the altar of heroes and immediately secured a place in eleven Bordalás. The next match, against Huesca, made headlines. Cobo, right, but not in the seat of NEOM, who replaced Uruguayan Matthias Oliveira on the left side from behind.

The final score, 1-0 in favor of Getafe, gave more credit to Kubo, who sent Neom to the bench against Athletic and Alaves. Later, against Seville, he met the Frenchman again on the field, this time with Neom on the right side. In the sixth game, Bordalas, who had two out of six possible victories with Kubo on the field, decided to sit down with the Japanese.

Although he initially trusted Francisco Portillo instead of Kubo for attempting to scratch a point against Real Madrid, and later, against Real Sociedad, Betis, Valencia and Valladolid, his reliable man has always appeared: Alan Neum.

While Kobo played 94 of the last 360 minutes, Neom collected 342. In total, with Getafe, the Japanese have played 440 minutes out of 900 possible minutes, 48.8% since his arrival in the early days of January. When he left Villarreal, he had 796 out of 2,160, 36.6 percent. The percentage went up in Getafe, but that was certainly not what Cobo expected.

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Starting with Bordalas in only four of the ten matches he was able to play, against Atlético de Madrid, everything indicates that he will add his seventh substitution. To counter Rojiblanco’s chest, Bordalás might need more muscles than magic. Then again, the rogue Neom would appear again, becoming the kryptonite of Kubo.

Written by Juan Jose Lauerta

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