Alert about a possible electoral coup in Ecuador

The General Coordinator of Progress International, David Adler, warned, Thursday, on his official account on the social network Twitter, of the danger of a coup in electoral matters in Ecuador, the country that is preparing for the second round of general elections.

The leader of the international organization warned in a tweet posted on the aforementioned social network, “Yako Perez supported the call of the armed forces to intervene in the elections and prevent the return of Curismo.”

Adler’s wake-up call emerged after presidential candidate Perez submitted requests from the Army’s Anti-Corruption Commission to intervene at the polls, just one month after the second vote in the South American country.

Perez earlier denounced fraud after losing the possibility to go to a second round of voting, according to the official scrutiny of the National Electoral Council (CNE) regarding the February 7 elections, in which the representative of the progressive force Unión por Hope, Andres Arouz, participated.

Perez’s latest request to the Anti-Corruption Commission received support from one of its members, Simon Espinosa, who defended the indigenous representative’s request to replace the members of the National Electoral Council with alternate members.

Likewise, Yako Perez demands that the first electoral round be declared null and void, and that the process of counting all votes be repeated, in the presence of national and international organizations that provide full guarantees for the process, as well as checking the computer of the National Electoral Council. Systems.

Perez and Espinosa’s requests have been rejected by a large public sector and experts, who believe that such measures are unconstitutional. In this regard, the International Secretariat Podemos stated: “We strongly condemn the calls for the intervention of the armed forces in the polling stations to prevent the return of Correísmo in Ecuador.”

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Local media also issued a declaration issued by the left-wing coalition in the European Parliament and observers of the Ecuadorean 2021 elections calling for respect for the independence of the National Electoral Council and the will expressed by the voters on February 7.

On April 11th, the second round of general elections will take place in Ecuador, in which the representative of the progressive force Unión por la Esperanza, Andres Arause, will face the candidate of the center-right movement, CREO, Guillermo Lasso.

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