Netflix’s “Baby Reindeer” problem isn’t going away anytime soon

The controversy surrounding it Baby reindeer or Reindeer baby It’s not going away anytime soon if we follow the latest reviews for the series Netflix.

In Reindeer Baby, the film tells the story of how Donnie Dunne (Gad), a comedian who is having a bad personal moment, suffers constant harassment from Martha Scott (Jessica Gunning) for four and a half years. Since its premiere on April 11, the show has become a sensation.

When the seven-episode series arrived on the platform, it did so without much fanfare or promotion, but the real-life element of the story piqued viewers’ interest, sending it to the top of Netflix’s most-watched charts in the UK and US within days.

However, this unprecedented success came with a downside: because the audience was larger, there were more attempts to reveal the real-life inspirations behind the show’s controversial characters, including Martha, something that Gad himself criticized.

With more and more people trying to find the real-life characters that inspired the series, many have wondered if the show’s producers could enact more safeguards to prevent viewers from being able to identify with the characters.

Gad was also forced to silence speculation surrounding the true identity of the character who seduced and sexually assaulted him – a traumatic event in Gad’s life – as it led to false accusations from curious viewers.

However, with new data on the series’ viewership released, the controversy isn’t going away anytime soon for Netflix, and if anything, the controversy has contributed to the series’ success.

After the first week, Reindeer baby It garnered 2.6 million viewers, increasing to 13.3 million in the second week. The program has proven itself in an amazing way, reaching 22 million visits, which represents an extraordinary increase of 66% for a title in its third week of release.

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Netflix would be happier with its success Reindeer baby Considering that it cost very little to promote: in the UK, her small-scale campaign included billboards at bus stops, but otherwise relied on media interviews with Gad.

Gad and Gunning could be nominated for an Emmy.

Like Gadd, Gunning urged viewers to enjoy the series on its own merits, without looking to the people who inspired the characters, saying: “That’s not what the series is about at all.” Netflix and Richard [Gadd] “They go to great lengths to make sure identities are kept private for a reason.”

Richard Gadd in Baby Reindeer (Netflix)

Richard Gadd in Baby Reindeer (Netflix)

He then added: “I think they should try to watch the show again and really see what their purpose was: that was definitely not the case. I was intentional about not wanting to do an imitation of someone; I wanted to do an interpretation of this character.”

Reindeer baby It is now available on Netflix.

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