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After its cancellation in 2019 successful series the society Once again he has people talking about his possible return. In a recent interview with diversethe maker of this production, Christopher KeyserHe indicated that A new installment is still possible.

With renewal for a second delivery later Netflix will be canceled due to the pandemic From Covid-19, the society Leave a lot Fans with Unresolved questions About what was going to happen in Season 2. “The public still wants to talk about it. “It still moves them and they want answers to questions and then they ask new questions.” The creator explained.

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This fantasy was well received by the audience and even the team believed in its future potential, but the current global crisis has put a halt to their plans. During the pandemic, the platform began a wave of cancellations that led to the removal of large and successful productions such as I’m not well, Which, despite positive reviews, had to be canceled after one season.

“I have ongoing conversations with several writers and with Marc Webb about how we can bring this back one way or another. We don’t have any answers yet and I won’t rely on them, but I don’t do that with every series that gets cancelled.”Kiser said diverse.

what is he talking about the society?

The series revolves around a group of teenagers who are mysteriously transported to a town that closely resembles a wealthy New England town with no trace of their parents. This new freedom will be fun, but also dangerous, as they must discover what happened and how they can return home. To do this, they must create alliances if they want to survive.

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The series consists of 10 episodes and is available on Netflix.

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