Netflix saves Nevenka’s case, its first sentence for sexual harassment with a policy in Spain

  • PP Nevenka Fernández’s Exrejidora Breaking Her 20-Year Silence in ‘Nevenka’, a three-act documentary series

  • The broadcast platform premieres on May 5, work directed by Maribel Sanchez Maruto and produced by Anna Pasteur

On March 26, 2001, the Mayor of the Young People’s Party of the Ponferrada City Council (Lyon) held a press conference announcing her resignation from her position as chancellor to the treasury and denouncing the then mayor of the city for sexual harassment.

Now, after a 20-year long silence, Nevinka Fernandez Mention again in first-person and “Looking at the camera” Those made inNevinka, A documentary series produced by Neutral (Producer of Journalist Anna PasteurNetflix premiered on March 5.

The idea for the documentary is Anna Pasteur. She has known Nevinka for a long time and always believed that this story was about to be told.reveal Maribel Sanchez Maruto (Weekly Report, “La2 Debate”), journalist and director of the three-part documentary.

Public complaint

During the first months, the relationship with the colleagues of the municipal group became a friendship, and soon the mayor of this city, Ismail Alvarez, wanted to go further, from that moment onwards when the real hell began for me & rdquor;He narrated excited and stumbled Fernandez In front of a large number of journalists, in an unusual and groundbreaking complaint, at a time when it was not customary to denounce cases of harassment, let alone do so in public. “I am 26 years old and have dignity & rdquor;The young advisor announced that morning.

Nevinka Won the mayor’s popular trial Ismail Alvarez, Was convicted of sexual harassment, forced to pay a fine of 2,160 euros and compensation of 12,000 euros to the victim, and resigned from his position. It was also a pioneering ruling, and it was the first conviction of a public office for the crime of sexual harassment, after the crime was entered into the Penal Code in 1999.

The “Nevinka case”, which was not called the “Ismail Alvarez case”, and which actually shows anomalies when naming the victim and not the harasser, was the first sexual harassment punishment in Spain involving a politician & rdquor;Mention the director.

One-month affair

It was precisely in 1999 when Fernandez Signed by PP. match Ismail Alvarez She needed “new faces” for municipal women and the 24-year-old was suggested to enter politics. NevinkaA recent graduate in economics, an MBA student and working for the consulting firm Arthur Andersen, took the challenge. Number three on the lists, with the People’s Party victory Nevinka He made his debut as a treasury consultant.

The mayor’s approach, known for his being a womanizer, started early. After weeks of persistence, Nevinka agreed to form a relationship with him. But after only one month, the young woman decided not to continue with the poetic work. But Almighty Alvarez, Successful businessman from the world of night, senator and lawyer in Curtis Castilla Leon and re-elected mayor, I do not accept rejection.

“When he decides to break it, he does not understand it and begins a process that goes from less to more and turns into a persecution with persistent and authentic messages and calls that trap him & rdquor;Reports Sanchez Maruto. Six months later, in the depths of depression, Fernandez Denounce the harassment.

Mayor’s support

But after the ruling, thousands demonstrated in the city streets in support of the mayor and to blame Fernandez It lies and ruins the life of an honest man. Nevinka He was a double victim. She won the trial but lost the social trial. When there is already a sentence, thousands of people gather in the Plaza de Ponferrada to support the judgment and try to exclude the victim & rdquor;The director explains.

Prejudice reigned. The most prevalent opinion was “You had a relationship with this man, and you cannot report the harassment.” You will have done something, this phrase is very formidable & rdquor;He adds on public opinion at the time in Ponferrada.

The 26-year-old, who graduated in economics and a master’s degree in auditing, had to emigrate to the United Kingdom and her political party ostracized her, with public statements saying: Anna Butella s Jose Maria Aznar From support to AlvarezWith a large portion of her neighbors being rejected and tired of seeing how many companies she refused to hire. Years were lost for the “Metoo” movement, “No es No” and the massive 8-M demonstrations in Spain. “They made her feel guilty, and the pressure was such that I came to believe that if I didn’t have a relationship with this guy, I wouldn’t be where I am now.” He wondered again and again how he got to that ordeal.

Remember after 20 years

She sits against a simple dark background with her hair tied back, just like 20 years ago. Nevinka The statement reads from that day in a broken voice. His voice is mixed and contrasts with archival photos of the huge press conference that changed his life. “I did something that I had to do. If I hadn’t, I would have died. Speech saved my life & rdquor ;, She tells herself at the beginning of the three-part series.

Maribel Sanchez Maruto Explains the reasons for this Nevinka He decided to tell his story after two decades: “The impetus was the global movements of the MITO and the major demonstrations of 8-M in Spain. Realizing that the claim of all these women is the same one that she practiced without realizing it 20 years ago, she wants to be the face and voice of the women who have passed or are passing by something similar and still say That day … what is happening to them by hiding their faces or distorting their voice as if they were guilty. She concluded that telling her by looking directly into the eyes of the viewer can help these women. And he does so out of generosity and commitment to these women.

The series particularly affects the public’s reaction to an act of dignity and grievance that was not understood or understood at the time. Twenty years ago, Spanish society was not quite as brave as Nevenka.Reassure those responsible for the documentary in the promo.

Testimonials and interviews

“What we can see in the documentary is how things have changed in 20 years. At that time, only 300 people demonstrated in Ponferrada who showed their support for the victim of harassment, and now women are adding more and this makes reporting less difficult because there is more support. They are no longer silent and those who tend to support a stalker will likely believe it, but they will not come out en masse as they did at the time & rdquor; Reporter confirms.

It may interest you

The work is fueled by documents and photos of the time and also by testimonies and interviews such as his one Juan Jose Milas, Writer and author of the fictional report, “There is something not as they tell me: the case of Nevinka Fernandez is against reality”, Minco Montera, President of the Alberzo Women’s Association, W. Charo Velasco, A socialist spokesperson for Ponferrada City Council and one of the few people in those days who publicly showed their solidarity with the young woman, in a pioneering fraternal act as well.

By the way, the director of “Nevenka” confirms this Ismail Alvarez You don’t want to participate in the documentary.

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