The prediction came true! This is how Mahone Vidente warned about the earthquake today, December 26

This Tuesday December 26 new microscopic Earthquake The residents of the capital were surprised, in the area of ​​​​the mayor's office Magdalena Contreras In the Mexico CityFortunately, no damage has been reported so far.

according to National earthquakesThe strength of the earthquake was 1.7 The movement was felt at 7:35 a.m., and its center was 4 kilometers north of the mayor's office. Magdalena ContrerasIt should be noted that a few days ago, Mahone Vidinte He warned the general public that more tremors would occur before this end 2023.

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Mahone Vidente: This is how he predicted the earthquakes that shook Mexico this week

The small earthquake has been confirmed in CDMX.
Photo: “X”SismologicoMX

The prediction came true, and CDMX was shaken

It was last Wednesday December 20 When the Cuban-born fortune teller warned her audience during the broadcast…Ask Mahoney.” It was broadcast on the social networks of this publishing house when the blonde said that she would continue vibration In our nation.

“Well, we will be shaken, gentlemen,” Mahoney warned. “An earthquake is coming on December 24th or 25th or next week. We have to be prepared…”

  • Look at his prediction starting at 42:41

It should be noted that the Cuban confirmed that the earthquake would surprise the Mexicans that day 24 or 25 orThe rest of this week was like that, because this morning on social networks, users started reporting Telluric movement.

Those who felt the movement claim that it was very slight, but it was noticeable, especially in the southern part of the city. CDMXSince the epicenter of the earthquake occurred in Magdalena Contreras Mayor's Office.

MC's neighbors report earthquake movement.
Photo: “X” @MixcoacCDMX

Mahoney warned of several earthquakes in December 2023

According to the individual Mahoney, December It is one of the most famous Trembling More in our country, however, Accuracy What we shared about earthquake dates is what we left out entirely surprised.

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Earthquake Thursday, December 7

He was in the program “Ask Mahoney” That the Cuban woman warned her that she would “tremble like jelly.” Given this Thursday 7 December Seismic alerts were activated after residents felt a 5.9-magnitude earthquake with its epicenter in the area State of Puebla.

Earthquake Tuesday, December 12

The tremor that shook CDMX last virgin day, However, it surprised thousands of residents of the capital who were working days before Mahoney Be warned about this December 12 You will feel a strong earthquake.

So it was, Three small earthquakes They felt very powerful, and their center was inside MixquakBecause of the severity, some cracks occurred in homes, even in one of the main streets in the capital, but without any life To regret it.

December 14 earthquake

It was Wednesday December 13 During the live broadcast of the program “Ask Mahoney” The psychiatrist warned that the earthquakes would continue, and that the earthquakes were coming a little stronger than the previous ones.

As the world's most famous fortune teller warned Thursday 14 DecemberMinutes after two o'clock in the afternoon, we felt a sudden movement. It was again a small earthquake, and this time its epicenter was in… Magdalena Contreras Mayor's Office.

  • Look at his prediction starting at 32:58

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