Netflix is ​​eliminating a cheaper ad-free plan to boost ads

Netflix has canceled its Basic plan in the US and UK, through which users can watch series and movies without ads, as the company tries to attract more subscribers to its level through ads.

The company announced on its website that the basic plan of $9.99 per month will no longer be available to new or returning users. Users who are already on the plan will be able to stay on it until they change plans or cancel their accounts.

The leading live video streaming company launched a $7 per month option with ads in November in 12 markets, including the United States, as an alternative to ad-free plans. Their goal was to attract more customers and add a new source of income as competition for online viewers intensified.

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The main difference from traditional subscriptions was that the plan of course included commercials. Netflix has promised that it will show up to 4 minutes of ads per hour on average, although this may vary depending on the title being watched.

In May, Netflix also cracked down on households that shared passwords and forced users who shared an account outside the same household to pay additional fees, which in turn led to dozens of users joining the base of its cheaper plans with ads.

With information from Reuters

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