Radio Havana Cuba | BRICS is in favor of a balanced global economic system

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Written by Roberto Morejon

The BRICS, now expanded, will in 2024 strengthen its role as a geopolitical bloc with roots in the international community and rightly looking to the Global South with hope.

The group consisting of Russia, China, South Africa, Brazil and India includes five other countries: Iran, Egypt, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

All of them have sufficient capacity to travel distances, when they decide to do so, from destructive paths to those set by industrialized countries.

Without being an anti-Western or anti-American bloc, as some suggest, the BRICS are likely to advance their vision of an economy in which the dollar should not play a monopoly role.

By the way, the Sputnik portal claims, according to studies conducted within it, that one out of every three United Nations countries has embarked on the path of retreat from dollarization.

This coyuntura, the experts who work in this new future, the BRICS expanding to commercial markets and financing in the interior, with local monedas, and with the help of juicio practices and industrial police, with the Monetario Internacional Fund in the country. head.

These and other aspirations cover the fact that BRICS members will account for 33% of global production in 2028, compared to 27% for the group of most advanced economies on the planet.

The influence of the aforementioned mechanism in determining oil and gas prices, which are two energy sources that affect international geopolitics, cannot be ignored.

However, the BRICS also have other goals, such as those set by the head of state, Vladimir Putin, since Russia assumed the interim presidency in 2024.

According to the President, this is the time to emphasize multilateralism, just global security and the role of science and technology.

With all this support and desires, the BRICS group opened, and without surprise, Argentina ignored it.

He did so by decision of far-right President Javier Miley, who defines himself as an “anarcho-capitalist” or a supporter of state abolition and calls for calming relations with China and behaving amicably with Washington.

In this way, Miley made a wrong move that even his far-right friend Jair Bolsonaro did not dare to make during his term in Brazil.

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