Netflix | Bridgerton: Nicolas Coughlan, the actress who plays Penelope Feverington, appears behind the scenes of the series.

Success “Bridgerton” at Netflix It’s already a proven fact: On January 27th, it was marked as The most watched giant series flow. Wow, many wondered how this eight-episode production was crafted.

In response to this expectation, the platform recently launched a behind-the-scenes show hosting it Nicolas Coughlan, Which takes place in the aristocratic society of nineteenth century London Penelope Featherington.

The best character could not be chosen to tell the mysteries behind “Bridgerton“And through the pictures, Coughlan provides an account of the huge collection they’re in, as well as the order that required starting this production.

They take you at four in the morning“, Says the Irish actress about the moment when the workday begins for the actors, when she brings out long hours of makeup and a great fashion show. Next, we show you the exclusive video that Nicolas Coughlan It tells behind the scenes and prepares characters.

Series based on the travels of Julia Quinn

As you remember, “BridgertonIt is taken from the romantic novels of the American writer Julia Quinn. There are eight books that narrate the lives of the Bridgerton brothers and their love affairs.

Moreover, the series is set between 1813 and 1827, in the period of the Regency. The peculiarity of the novels is that each one is dedicated to one of the two brothers. The Bridgerton family is part of a wealthy and respected family in the high society of London (UK).

Netflix series produced by Shonda Rhimes, responsible for several songs such as “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal”. It was created by Chris Van Dusen and features an ethnically diverse crew, as well as fresh and revitalized stories.

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Romantic novels, intrigues and dreamy costumes make upBridgertonAnd which has already confirmed its second season after capturing, with a down payment, 82 million homes, according to the platform on which it is broadcast.

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