Netflix is ​​canceling its basic ad-free plan in the US, UK and Canada

Netflix It continues to search for new ways to achieve more profits, and follows its measures to do so Restrict users from sharing their accounts With their family outside the same household (although this has been encouraged for some time), and the inclusion of a New cheaper plan with adsThey have now started a new strategy affecting users in the US and UK.

Specifically in those countries The basic plan without ads is no longer available. This plan offered the entire catalog of Netflix movies, series, and games in HD (720p), while the Ads plan goes up to FullHD but does not include all of the platform's content. The maximum number of users at one time is 2, one more than the basic plan they are opting out of now.

In Canada, the company previously pulled the ad-free Basic plan, so it looks like these Netflix plans will be implemented in more countries.

for now, In Spain, the basic ad-free plan is still available, But you know the saying: “When you see your neighbor's beard is wet…”

Currently, Netflix's Basic plan in Spain without ads is still active at €7.99 per month, while Standard with ads costs €5.49 and Standard without ads costs €12.99.

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