“EO” on MUBI: Ass and the State of the World | A powerful film by veteran Jerzy Skolimowski

ECO – 8 points

Poland/Italy/United Kingdom, 2022

Title: Jerzy Skolimowski.

script: Ewa Piaskowska and Jerzy Skolimowski.

Duration: 88 minutes.

Performers: Hi Taco, Marita, Ettore, Rocco, Mila, Sandra Dzimalska, Tomas Organic, Lorenzo Zurzolo, Isabelle Huppert.

Premiere on MUBI.

The twenty-first century welcomed the director Jerzy Skolimowski projects of a nature differentiatedalso emphasizing the peripatetic character adopted by his films after leaving Poland at the end of the 1960s, when Censorship The communist regime threatened to obliterate the distinctive character of his work. Four nights with Anna (2008) and Basic kill (2010), two feature films completely different in style and content, showed him at his best.

news that employers’ organisationwas first shown last year in the official competition of cannes Film Festival, would rekindle the flames of a true classic of French cinema, Random Balthazarcausing several arch-shaped eyebrows to form plot and expectation And also doubt. But Skolimowski’s latest film is not a Bresson remake – although the references are clear to see – but a remake of the film. Creative work novel And he is at the same time Greetings and review.

There are the six animals (see technical sheet) that give life to EO during his various segments donkey life, Witness and victim of various human activities. It all starts in a circus, where EO is performing a reanimation with his human companion, the only person in the world who – as we shall see – seems to have developed a relationship. my dear With the donkey soon after taking on the role of an impromptu animal, a group of Animal rights activists Determine the movements of the protagonist. Car trip progress The first scene is unforgettable Especially a shot from inside the trailer that suddenly shows a group of purebred horses running in the open. And this will not be the only form of confinement that opens up to the freedom of outdoor spaces.

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Already among the beautiful and elegant bearing racehorses, the little donkey makes a mistake and is sent to another place, the second in a series of many stops before the final destination. Skolimovsky never leaves the gaze of E.O., whose eyes reflect that world which his intelligence cannot fully comprehend (film flirts with anthropomorphism, but never falls in love with it). in what might be called EOVision Or some fancy name of the genre, a terrific escape sequence that follows Donkey To Rebel Crossing Through the jungle, the sights and sounds of the wild environment are designed to a degree hallucination.

Use special glasses, The deep red shift of the images and the expressive blend of music and sound that the film uses frequently alert the viewer to what they are seeing and hearing. It is nothing more than a myth. Perhaps it is a story about the state of the world, and the position of man in it, which limits it Hatred of mankind. What else can be thought of when an EO is adopted by a group of fans of a small town soccer team only to be subsequently violated by the brave Barra of his opponents?

the feelings However, when arise The greatest contradictions of humanity They appear in many vignettes that make up Compact and powerful 88 min of stills. In the end, after crossing the Polish-Italian border, fate makes a religious young man cross his steps with the animal, the only witness to the confrontation between mother and son (French) Isabelle Huppert He leaves his footprints on a short piece of paper, created in the image and likeness of a movie person). the Fantastic cinematography by young Michel Demic It becomes the best ally of the creative intentions of a manager Yelp, The Adventures of Gerrard And barrierthat to 84 years old He has not lost an iota of his qualities as an artist and storyteller, always ready to experiment, Far from any cinematic comfort zone.

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