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League data show that antibody levels in recipients of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines decline within six months, and at two months for those vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson.

The The NBA told players, coaches and referees on Sunday that they should get boosters against the coronavirusWith particular urgency for those who have received a single dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

The league and the National Basketball Association, working alongside the guidance of the league’s public health and infectious disease experts, They noted that those who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccines more than two months ago should receive a booster dose.

A recommendation was also made for reinforcement Those who received the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines at least six months ago.

The Association’s recommendations, published by various media, prove that Those who originally received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will look for a booster from Pfizer or Moderna.

While Those who have received Pfizer or Moderna doses can get any booster dose Available.

The data used to make league decisions showed this Antibody levels NS Pfizer and Moderna receptors decrease after six months and after Two months for Johnson & Johnson receiver.

in some cases, Those who have been vaccinated, but choose not to receive a booster dose, will be tested on match day Back as of December 1, note the NBA.

The date of December 1 varies depending on when a person was originally vaccinated and what type of vaccine they received.

NBA uncertainty for unvaccinated early season players

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Some teams have already planned for players to receive booster shots as they become available. a Few previously vaccinated NBA players have tested positive for COVID-19 this season. And entered into the league’s health and safety protocols.

start ahead Tobias Harris of the Philadelphia Sixers, was the last to undergo NBA COVID-19 health and safety protocols, according to information provided by head coach Doc Rivers, who admitted that the player He was severely affected by the infection.

It was thought that about 97% of NBA players have been vaccinated When the season started last month.

However, the star of the Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie Irving has become an icon for players who refused to be vaccinated And that in his case he was dismissed from the team without being able to engage in any kind of activity and not receiving his salary.

Kyrie Irving will not be accepted into the Nets until he is vaccinated against COVID-19

“I do what’s best for me. I know the consequences here, and if it means They’re judging me and demonizing me, that’s what it is,” declared Irving., which could lose up to $35 million in salary. “That’s the role I play, but I never wanted to give up my passion, my love, my dream, just for the sake of this base.”

Nationally, 60 percent of the US population, more than 193 million people, has already been fully vaccinated.

Over 21 million booster doses have been received, and these numbers are increasing every day as the process of their administration has been simplified. (Dr)

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