“Navalny poisoning part of operation”: Anonymous leaks evidence UK is spending millions to weaken Russia

According to a letter from the British Foreign Office, this program is a program to counter the alleged “disinformation and propaganda” of the Kremlin in both Russia and neighboring countries.

Anonymous “hackers” They filtered An archive of classified documents revealing the British government’s attempts to “change the regime in Russia”, whose efforts will be linked to issues such as Alexei Navalny and Skripals.

“The files prove that the United Kingdom is conducting a covert global operation aimed at regime change in Russia. The poisonings of Alexei Navalny and Skripal, which were followed by the Bellingcat investigations, were part of the process,” wrote Anonymous.

Likewise, the hacker group added that “British companies admit in their offers that they are behind the recent protests that were organized via Telegram.”

And according to a letter from the British Foreign Office, this is a program to counter the alleged “disinformation and propaganda” of the Kremlin in both Russia and neighboring countries, a plan that has the efforts of millions.

Thus, the so-called “independent media support” in countries such as Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, about $ 12 million has been allocated for a period of three years. Whereas the budget for the Baltic states is just under eight million dollars, and for three years as well.

What are the results obtained with these amounts?

According to a report from a contractor, Zinc Network, the entity has dedicated itself to “providing audience segmentation and targeting support to two major independent Russian media outlets, Meduza and MediaZona”. In fact, Meduza is headquartered in Latvia, a country that, according to leaked materials, receives financial support from London to promote European policies and values ​​in “independent” media.

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Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zagarova, Commented They are “looking forward to London’s reaction”. “Perhaps all of this is not true, but they will have to speak out, because millions of pounds have been wasted in secret media campaigns,” he said.

In the opinion of international analyst Inaki Gilles de San Vicente, with whom RT spoke to address this issue, it is a strategy that has been “previously” contemplated. In this sense, it is considered that the current leak from Anonymous has once again confirmed what the group of “ hackers ” revealed in 2018, by overcoming the “lead curtain of Western censorship to provide data about a plan already launched by Great Britain and other powers that created tensions in Russia.” .

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