Catalonia is seeking an agreement with the United Kingdom to introduce a list of safe areas to travel

The government is working with the European Union to implement the health passport and expects a large number of foreign tourists to return in July

The Minister for Business and Knowledge in General, Ramon Tremosa, expects it in July A “large number” of tourists return to Catalonia Of international origin, even if July is not comparable to another month before the pandemic.

He indicated that The government is working with the European Union to implement the Health PassportAnd he stipulated the return of international tourists to the development of vaccinations in other countries, as announced this Saturday when he visited the port of Aventura accompanied by the Minister of the Territory and Sustainability Damia Calvet.

It has also made sure Generalitat is running on Reach an agreement with the government of Great Britain “as quickly as possible”Because he highlighted the importance of the country, including Catalonia, in the group of safe travel destinations in a few days, that is, Catalonia goes from yellow to green at the British traffic light, he said.

Although it is estimated that French tourism begins to come to Catalonia by carHe also argues that it is necessary to normalize airflow in order to restore more international tourism: “Even with last-minute reservations, let’s hope there will be growth, not exponential, but very intense in tourism.”

Regarding the reopening of the theme parks from Saturday, Tremosa stated that the aim of the Generalitat is “as much as possible, Reopen as much as possible “in capacity, The port of Aventura has been described as exemplary and highlighted the importance of British and Russian tourism in this park.

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He added that thanks to this garden “she was there Years in which the Costa Brava had equivalent numbers to the Costa Brava“, And that the park is progressing, advancing and consolidating, in addition to providing connection to Reus Airport (Tarragona) and revitalizing its area.

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