CNE suspends the national audience for scrutiny as the election results were to be known

February 20, 2021 12:49 PM

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(The plenary session of the National Electoral Council)CNEThe Period To the National Court Audit After 12:44 on Saturday February 20, 2021. At the meeting was scheduled to be announced Results Dependent elections.

As of 12:21, with all records corresponding to Karama checked Andean Parliamentarians, President of the CNE, Diana Atment |And advisors Enrique PetaAnd the Louis Verdesuto s Jose Cabrera They knew to report Preliminary results County, county.

Saturday session was fixed After last Thursday, February 18th, Atamant announced that the weekend will be held Advertising From Official results For general elections.

The head of the National Election Board said that day that after the election results were known first round, The Candidates U Organizations May policies intervention The Procedures Legal provisions established by law, if they are not compatible.

“Candidates and political organizations still have resources that they can provide once the results are announced, and that is this weekend, Saturday or Sunday. intervention Challenges And even access appeal Kiss TCE (Controversial Electoral Court) Who is the authority of last resort, said Ataminet that day during a radio interview.

The Secretary of the National Elections Commission read the results reports of Andean parliamentarians by province, before the plenary session of the organization. Photo: Twitter CNE

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