NASA discovers an anomaly in the Earth’s magnetic field that could have serious consequences for humans

NASA experts They discovered a kind ofMild shock” in it Earth’s magnetic field over South America and the South Atlantic Ocean Which causes a significant decrease in the intensity of the planet’s magnetic field.

This phenomenon, which was called South Atlantic Anomaly (SSA), In the short term, this could affect satellites and spacecraft passing through the area, with them being exposed to high levels of radiation. It can damage your electronic systems.

while long-term If it continues to grow, It can have implications for telecommunications And in terrestrial electrical networks due to damage to satellites.

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This anomaly could also pose serious risks to humans due to radiation exposure as it will be so over the years An entrance through which the sun’s “pure” energy can filter through.

“(This is it) Unusual behavior in the magnetic field Land. “Directly over Latin America, you can see a large area that has weakened,” said the experts, who also discovered that the phenomenon is divided into two lobes, further complicating space missions.

Earth’s magnetic field

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Concern about South Atlantic anomalies:

  • It can affect telecommunications
  • It can affect electrical networks
  • It represents a danger to satellites
  • It represents a danger to private ships passing through the area.

SAA was already known by experts, but it raised alarms because of it Rapid growth over the past four years by 7%. The appearance of this anomaly is due to the tilt of the Earth’s magnetic axis and the flow of liquid metals in its outer core.

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Causes of magnetic field anomalies

  • It has grown by 7% in the past four years
  • This is due to the tilt of the Earth’s magnetic axis
  • The flow of liquid metals in its outer core

Northern lights caused by solar storms

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The absence of this natural shield that acts as a crust against the sun’s charged particles would make life on Earth as we know it impossible due to solar radiation that would destroy the biosphere within years.

but, NASA confirmed that this weak region of the Earth’s magnetic field does not affect life on the planet. But it poses a danger to satellites that orbit and are left unprotected against the Sun’s geomagnetic storms.

These storms have already been a problem for our planet for a few days with the northern lights in places where they are not normally common, reaching a G5 rating, the highest level since 2003.

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