Neither Borderlands 4 nor Mafia 4, the title being announced today from 2K, is this

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It’s already made plenty of headlines this week, but it looks like Borderlands 4 won’t end up being the “iconic and beloved series” from 2K Games that will be presented at Summer Game Fest. If you are a fan of the well-known shooter, then you will definitely not like the news, but there is an irrefutable fact reported from Reddit. He survived to 2K itself on its website.

Mafia 4 was one of the other games of choice, even Bioshock 4 (All sides, coincidentally), but insiders deny this is happening at the moment. For this reason, attention has focused on Borderlands, but we haven’t had another popular and beloved franchise of 2K: The Civilization saga. Because this is the seventh civilization.

Fans of the franchise are undoubtedly in luck.

It’s something as simple as that The Civilization VII pre-order logo has appeared on 2K’s official websitewith access to the trailer and different versions, which, at the moment, They cannot be reached.

The theory remains the same, which will be revealed tonight at Summer Game Fest, so if you are a fan of the series, I am sure you will be very attentive to the game that always aims to revolutionize the genre and significantly multiply our game hours.

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