Narrative Medicine Conference 2023 – Medical News

Narratives in Professional Practice: Clinical Encounters.

On May 4, 2023, it was held in the city of Bess in a hybrid way,
(in person and remotely) The 7th International Conference of the Italian Hospital in Buenos Aires and Firstly
Conference of the Argentine Society of Narrative Medicine Simen
And narration in
Professional practice: clinic encounter

The day witnessed the presence of national and international guests
Sustained over eighty registered between both methods. It has been proposed as
A space to give a voice to healthcare-related professionals, thinkers, patients and artists
Health and generating dialogues to fuel the clinical confrontation.

An invitation to reflect together on the place of narrative medicine in Shaping
Health professionals, share relevant experiences that have been developed in our website
different contexts, suggesting possible ways to put them into practice, and exploring their contributions
For the relationship with patients and colleagues and its effectiveness in favoring good meetings. a
An opportunity to learn about the transformative power of nurturing literature
Health, the role of narratives in the field of bioethics and dimensions revisited
The truth is in the query.

This was the first table. Training spaces, a window on narrativesAnd
It was orchestrated by Ignacio Usandivaras, and included performances by physician Riccardo Ricci
Doctor, Professor at Tucuman National University; Pamela Joffer Pediatrician W
Coordinator of the Narrative Medicine Laboratory at Valparaiso University, Chile;
Javier Pollán and Paula Gutièrrez are president and professional staff, respectively, in a circle
Heba Medical Clinic participants in the residency medical health program and
Ateneo de Humanities for service. This first part showed different paths,
Achievements and challenges in undergraduate and postgraduate activities and spaces of thought
Reflect for health professionals, in the field of narrative medicine.

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Next table Author Stories: “Perfect Presence” Curated by Elisabeth Gotthelf
It was composed by Eduardo Berti, an Argentine writer living in France, Liliana Rodriguez
MD and Dolores Castro Montiel, graduate nurse, both of the palliative care team
from HIBA. Bertie recounted his experiences when he wrote his novel Perfect Presence on purpose
From a written residency at the Rouen Hospital in France. In contrast, professionals who
They worked on this text in spaces for professional reflection, shared with the author
Meaningful Experiences with Patients, showing how to write and tell vivid stories, in
Challenging and challenging health contexts, practicing the profession can make sense
and even existence itself.

With the aim of sharing the care experience of the professionals who carry out their activity
With a narrative approach in different settings, in table narrative practices in
Health, coordinated by Silvia Carrió, and attended by Jorge Janson, clinical physician and
HIBA Hypertension. Beatrice Carballera, MD, Clinician at The Cross Hospital, Victoria
Franco and Ana Diaz, a music therapist and nursing graduate from the Therapy Unit
Intense HIBA. Help our guests understand the importance of getting to know each other
Patients, knowing their history, the value of asking questions, taking nothing for granted, and being influential
Strong spontaneous gestures, soft, sensitive and appropriate.

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