The Stonehenge tunnel project has been licensed by the United Kingdom

controversial project Stonehenge tunnel authorized by UK government. The authorities gave the green light to build Two miles near the ancient site At a cost of over £1.7 billion.

Mark Harper, the Minister for Transport, was responsible for approving this controversial project to be carried out in the area that was considered The cultural heritage of mankind by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1986.

This redesign will result in a Diverting from the A303next to the prehistoric site of Wiltshiretowards a new dual carriageway tunnel, to become a public thoroughfare.

UNESCO itself has already officially opposed this project in 2019, ensuring that This construction will have a negative impactwhich may be included in the List of World Heritage Sites in Danger.

A project to build a tunnel at Stonehenge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986, was approved by the UK government. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A High Court ruling in 2021 nullified the project due to the environmental impact the site could have, but recently the UK government gave the go-ahead to an initiative that will “return an environment similar to the original road,” said Nick Harris, chief executive of National Highways.

Talking about Art Newspaper Michael Parker Pearson, Professor of British History University College London He said he was disappointed by said permission.

“I am disappointed by the weakness of historical England in all this. They are supposed to fight to preserve the remnants of our ancient past and they have failed.”

UNESCO, ERCP Charity countryside and British Council of AntiquitiesPlanning inspectors and the High Court have said that this scheme is not good enough. But historic England has moved onto national highways.

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Tom Holland, chair of campaign groups called the Stonehenge Coalition, said in a statement: “Mark Harper’s decision to give the go-ahead to build a tunnel through a section of the World Heritage site is as inexplicably shameful as it is.”

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