Laguna showcases ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Arts and Sciences

Salvador Dali’s work inspired by Lewis Carroll is very present in the exhibition. / Aaron S. Ramos

the Caja Canarias Foundation Monday opened the exhibition Alice in Wonderland, which can be visited until February 12 at the CajaCanarias Cultural Space in La Laguna (Plaza del Adelantado, 3). The gallery, with free admission, will be open to the public at the following hours: Monday through Saturday, from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm, as well as from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. All information related to this exhibition is already available through

Alice is a character created in 1862 by Lewis Carroll, a mathematician by profession, tells the story of 10-year-old Alice Liddell and her sisters during a boat trip. The novelist, born in Darsbury (United Kingdom), writes his novel at Alice’s urgency, to which he gives the illustrated manuscript of his own drawings, which is preserved in the British Library and shown entirely in the gallery, which is excellent. Suitable for admiring his quality as a cartoonist and illustrator.

The montage of the exhibition, which has collaborated with the Fran Durrell Foundation and the Lewis Carroll Society of North America, focuses on showing the intersection between science and the arts, as well as offering current insight into Alice And the advancement of scientific careers, especially for girls. This technical and scientific knowledge is found both in the author of the story, Lewis Carroll, and in Salvador Dali, around whom the exhibition is organized. Alongside many of his works inspired by the center of the gallery’s literary work, the visitor will be able to find lithographic pieces by another prominent surrealist author, such as Max Ernst, as well as the legendary illustrations created by John Tenniel for the first editions of this universal and timeless novel.

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The exhibition can be visited in La Laguna until February 12th. / Aaron S. Ramos

In the case of the genius of Figueres, Time and Transformation, two themes of the novel and the exhibition appear in the series Alice in Wonderland, Created by Dali in 1969 with engravings and twelve woodcuts in which Alice’s jumping rope is repeated, which could refer to a happy memory of her childhood, Aunt Carolinetta, a character she finds references in some of her oil paintings and surreal windows from the 1930s. Time and transformation are also represented in many butterflies in his woodcut drawings, as well as in his 1948 watercolor Giraffe Elephant, present in the gallery, and in a woodcut where one of his soft hours stopped at five o’clock in the afternoon at the tea party. In addition, visitors to the CajaCanarias La Laguna Cultural Space will be able to contemplate the magnificent statue that Dali created of Alicia in 1977, titled Alice in Wonderland.

The importance of the scientific aspect in design Alice in Wonderland Enhanced by CERN’s emission of an astonishing image of the exposure of the ALICE collider, located 56 meters underground, which detects quark-gluon plasmas occurring in the great explosion, the origin of time.

Music, one of the arts in which time is the protagonist, is also present in the exhibition speech which can be visited, until February 12, at CajaCanarias La Laguna Cultural Space. For this reason, a playlist titled the exhibition has been selected, consisting of a wide variety of musical styles ranging from pop to Jazz. The montage was completed with two cinematic projections, dated 1903 and 1910, showing the success of Alicia’s character in cinema from its inception, as well as the acquisition of it by various arts.

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The CajaCanarias Foundation, as part of its educational programming for the 2021-2022 school year, invites the educational community of the Canary Islands to participate in the program of guided visits that, on the occasion of the exhibition Alice in Wonderland, It will be implemented through the Despertares CajaCanarias programme. Participation requests are now available through

With this educational tool provided by the CajaCanarias Foundation, schoolchildren will be able to discover the most famous scenes from the story of Lewis Carroll, and dig into his imaginary world from original engravings illustrating the work and surreal versions of Salvador Dali and Marx Ernst. Explanatory speech developed by the program Awakening CajaCanarias It targets students at different educational levels, and also includes direct references to physics or mathematics, and scientific disciplines to which the author of this famous novel pays special attention and which aims to awaken scientific curiosity in girls and young adults.

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