New British homes will include electric car charging points

The UK government has issued a decision to install vehicle charging points in new buildings.

In the face of the globalization of electric cars. Several countries have placed restrictions on the sale of combustion vehicles, one of which is the United Kingdom, where it is expected that by 2030, no new petrol or diesel cars will be introduced. This scale seems a bit fanciful compared to the current infrastructure.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has expressed that from 2022 all new construction and improvements must have an electric charging point for cars. This will greatly increase the supply of public chargers for the people of the country.

This applies to private residences, office buildings, supermarkets and public places. The purpose of this is to move from about 25 thousand charging points currently to more than 250 thousand points distributed throughout the country.

Sustainable Mobility Plan Bogotá

A step towards electricity

Europe is one of the most advanced continents in the electrification of its territory. This is in favor of improving environmental quality and carbon footprint. The United Kingdom is one of the countries with one of the largest fleets of public buses and electric taxis. Mission with special vehicles.

This has caused mixed comments from opposition parties, who claim that this benefits cities like London. But remote areas such as Wales do not have the potential to improve the infrastructure for charging electric cars.

Colombia, for its part, still does not see any government intention to improve its highway charging infrastructure. At the moment, everything is in the hands of the private parties, who were responsible for timidly connecting the regions of the country for electric mobility.

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Nicholas Ramirez Ordonez – Source: BBC

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