Morillas, Barcelona’s very brand

The Morillas family has been entirely dedicated to designing brands and products for three generations. For 60 years, he worked for large companies such as Grifols, Uriach, BBVA, Bayer, NH or Barceló, imprinting his close and private style on every project.

“We like to say that at Morillas we represent the ‘Barcelona School’: we put the person at the center and act with honesty, intuition, courage and speed. We are moving away from the British school, which is very conceptual, or the German school,” says Marc Morillas, general manager and third generation of the family business. which is more standard.

It was his grandfather, Anthony Morillas, who paved the way in 1962. The director recalls that “being a graphic designer during the dictatorship was a very different thing, and even today, his non-conformist and groundbreaking values ​​inspire us on a daily basis.” , who acknowledges at the same time that his father, Luis Morillas, is the one who made the company professional in the world Trademarks .

The family business wants to invest 3 million euros in its own growth and acquisitions

Throughout its 60 years of life, the company has grown in particular in the FMCG, Hospitality, Banking and Aviation sectors. Each year he leads about 300 projects, mostly in Spain, but also abroad, in countries such as the United Kingdom, Italy or France. In the past we had delegations in Tel Aviv, Miami and Lima. Now we keep those in Guatemala open, as well as offices in Madrid, and we would like to strengthen our presence in Latin America once again”, explains the director, who leads a team of 73 specialists.

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According to Morillas, the company billed 5.3 million euros in 2021, which represents a growth of 36% compared to 2020. This year the company expects to reach 6 million euros, a figure that will exceed levels prior to the pandemic crisis.

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In the future, the agency dreams of becoming a standard in the Ibero-American region. Brand and product design is a niche sector in which Morillas already has a reputation. “The World Brand Design Association included us in the top 20 world agency ratings. We were the only agency in Barcelona and in all of Spain there was only one other company that had such a rating.”

In order to make gains in this sector, the company plans to invest around 3 million euros over the next five years. We will allocate it to our growth and also to the acquisition of competitors. We do not rule out the entry of a financial partner to support the expansion strategy.”

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